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Cinematography & Lighting Workshop






About the Cinematography & Lighting Workshop

This is a comprehensive, one day practical workshop for new and emerging cinematographers with limited experience in working with larger cameras and cinematic lighting. Participants will immerse themselves in a hands-on learning experience, exploring a wide range of lighting setups commonly used in contemporary drama productions. They will also gain insights into the optimal camera settings for various scenarios, the use of shooting LUTS, achieving correct exposure, and understanding set etiquette. The workshop will also cover the dynamics of working within a larger team, adhering to television shooting standards, and strategies for maximising coverage.


The workshop will take place in a practical setting, allowing participants to record and light actors, receiving real-time feedback tailored to their current skill level. They will also learn valuable tips and tricks to enhance their cinematography skills. Upon the workshop's conclusion, each participant will be provided with the latest opportunities to further their journey in the field of cinematography.


  1. Begin by clicking the "Book Now"  button above, This will take you to a page where you can choose the date and time for your session. Once confirmed, you will be able to pay in full or instalments using Klarna. 

  2. Upon confirmation of received payment, a welcome pack will be dispatched to your email, providing additional information about your upcoming session.

  3. Finally, attend your session and enjoy the experience.


Kindly refer to our FAQ section for information regarding cancellations and other important details.

Your Instructor

Daniel Alexander

Daniel Alexander Films | Clients
Daniel Alexander Films
Daniel Alexander Films | Clients

Our workshops are spearheaded by the acclaimed BAFTA crew director and cinematographer, Daniel Alexander. With over a decade and a half of experience in the film and television industry, Daniel's portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious entities such as ITV, BBC, BFI, Warner Bros, Apple, and many others.


His profound expertise and well-established connections within the film industry have made him a sought-after consultant for a diverse range of productions. From intense crime dramas like 'Top Boy' to light-hearted comedy shows featuring renowned comedians like Joe Lycett. Daniel's influence and recommendations have been instrumental in assembling cast and crew for a wide spectrum of productions.

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