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At Monoreels, we specialise in creating cinematic monologue and duologue reels designed to showcase your acting talent in a way that grabs casting directors' attention and lands you auditions.

Why Monoreels?

  • Casting Directors Love Them: Monologue reels are concise, impactful, and highlight your acting range in a way traditional showreels can't. They're quickly becoming the industry standard.

  • Stay Current, Stay Relevant: The industry thrives on fresh faces and honed skills. Monoreels are the perfect way to demonstrate your dedication and keep your showreel updated with your latest work.

  • Refresh Your Acting Brand: Think of Monoreels as a spring cleaning for your career. It's a chance to showcase your talent, leave a lasting impression, and reignite your passion for acting.

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Your Success is Our Mission

Monoreels is more than just filming. It's an exclusive service built for dedicated actors. We believe monologues are a powerful actor's tool, and we don't leave you on your own.


New! Showcase Your Talent with Powerful Duologues

Monoreels now offers duologue scenes, taking your showcase to the next level. Perform alongside another actor to demonstrate your ability to connect, react, and deliver a compelling performance. This is a fantastic opportunity to show your versatility and on-screen chemistry with other actors.


Work with Industry Leader Daniel Alexander

Our monologue production sessions are a collaborative process led by the acclaimed BAFTA crew director and cinematographer, Daniel Alexander (Daniel Alexander Films). With over 15 years of experience in film and television, Daniel has an unparalleled understanding of what casting directors seek.


Daniel's Expertise

  • Proven Track Record: Daniel's portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious names like ITV, BBC, BFI, Warner Bros, and Apple.

  • Casting Director Insights: Witnessing countless auditions, Daniel understands what makes a showreel stand out.

  • Industry Connections: Daniel's connections ensure your talent reaches the right eyes.

"We invite casting directors, filmmakers, and industry professionals to explore the showcase, ensuring your monoreel reaches those with the power to turn your talent into opportunity"

Beyond Filming

We capture your performance with state-of-the-art, Netflix-approved cameras, guaranteeing a visually stunning reel that grabs attention. Additionally, we craft a custom introduction and a social media edit, maximising your exposure.

Ready to Take Control of Your Career?

Don't wait for opportunities to come your way. Invest in yourself and create a showreel that showcases your talent and gets you noticed.

Book your Monoreels session today!

Monoreel Showcase

We're thrilled to unveil the Monoreel Showcase, a dedicated space to connect exceptional actors with industry insiders actively seeking new talent.

At Monoreels, we believe in the power of the monoreel – the concise, impactful format that perfectly highlights your acting range and grabs casting directors' attention. Now, we're taking it a step further by providing a stage to showcase the incredible talent within our Monoreel community.

Here's why the Monoreel Showcase is a game-changer for actors:

  • Get Seen by the Right People: We invite casting directors, filmmakers, and industry professionals to explore the showcase, ensuring your monoreel reaches those with the power to turn your talent into opportunity.

  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Forget lengthy showreels. Monoreels are the industry standard, offering a focused and impressive display of your acting abilities.

  • Global Exposure: The Monoreel Showcase isn't just for industry insiders. Anyone can discover your talent, making it a fantastic platform to build your brand and fanbase. 

Visit the showcase HERE

The Process

  1. Begin by clicking the "Book Now"  button above, This will take you to a page where you can choose the date and time for your session. Once confirmed, you will be able to pay in full or instalments using Klarna. 

  2. Upon confirmation of received payment, a welcome pack will be dispatched to your email, providing additional information about your upcoming session. Please ensure you have prepared or sourced a monologue for your session (upto 2 minutes in length).

  3. Finally, attend your session and enjoy the experience. Your monologue will be edited and sent out to you within 7 days of your session.​

Kindly refer to our FAQ section for information regarding cancellations and other important details.

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